Top Interior Design Tips

Décor is important to me because it gives me a means of expressing myself. When I go to university next year, décor will be very important as it will allow me to personalize my room at university, and make it feel a little more like home. Décor will help me to not feel as homesick and to overall increase my wellbeing. University rooms can be very plain and quite suffocating with their red brick walls and universal furniture- décor can be used to give a room life.

Décor is also important for comfort and practicality- a chair to read on in the corner or a mat to sink your feet into when you get out of bed- these things can really make a strange place feel like home. Colours are also really important- they evoke different emotions within us and can bring forth memories.

My room at home is green because it reminds me of the green grass of the hills on our family farm. This reveals to me to the power of colour and décor- this colour brings calmness and serenity. My room is a reflection of me and who I am- the green walls reflect my love of where I live and the country that surrounds me, bookshelf reveals my love of reading and learning, the photos of my friends and family reveal my love and appreciation of the people in my life, my desk illustrates my hard work and study- everywhere you look you are assaulted with dimensions of my personality.  This is why décor is so important- when someone walks into a room they should be able to ascertain elements of the personality of the person who owns it. We are all judged on the décor of our homes and spaces, and we in turn judge others. It is paramount that your spaces reflect a version of yourself that you are proud to display, through its décor. This is why décor is so important to me.